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The Benefits Directory is a one-stop web-based knowledge management solution that is used by over 110 LAs across England, Wales and Scotland as well as the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.


The Benefits Directory provides a plain English interpretation of the law and published guidance for -

Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Council Tax Reduction law and Discretionary Housing Payment and Rates in Northern Ireland

Membership of The Benefits Directory is available via an annual subscription fee, which provides - 

  • access for unlimited numbers of staff within an organisation;

  • access for homeworkers and offsite offices, and 

  • a benefits advisory service via the Directories Enquiry Service where the content of the Directory does not address the issue queried

See the Business Case for membership to The Benefits Directory, compiled with input from existing members

​​​The Benefits Directory

  • consolidates and interprets the regulations and guidance published by the Department for Work and Pensions and where applicable, the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government,

  • references entries to their source for ease of corroboration,

  • has a logical menu structure, which allows staff of all levels to find the answers they seek along with all the supporting legislation linked on the same page, and

  • provides a key-word search facility allowing instant access to all areas of knowledge including Regulations with history, Circulars and Caselaw

  • website is easy to use, has simple navigation and is updated on-line as law and guidance change


Contact us for Annual Membership details.

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