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LA Directories Ltd provides both In-house and Open External training courses covering -

Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Council Tax Reduction and Discretionary Housing payment, to help keep you and your staff up to date.

In-house Training Courses

are available for on-line delivery only for the foreseeable future  to -

  • Local Authorities

  • Housing Associations

  • Welfare and Advice Agencies

The courses are developed with workshops to Induction, Standard or Masterclass level as required.

Housing Benefit Training 

  • HB Subsidy Masterclass - 1 or 2 day courses available

  • HB Subsidy for Assessors

  • Housing Benefit Induction - 5 &10 day course options

  • Temporary, Specified and Exempt Accommodation

  • Service and Support Charges

  • Rent Liability - Treated as liable / not liable to pay rent

  • Persons from Abroad (HB) / Persons treated as not being in GB (CTR / UC) - 1 or 2 day courses available

  • Treatment of Earned Income

  • Treatment of Self-employed Income

  • Treatment of Students for HB

  • Supersession, Revision, Suspension and Termination

  • HB Overpayments

Universal Credit Training 

  • Universal Credit

  • Housing Costs for Renters

Discretionary Housing Payment Training

  • Discretionary Housing Payment A - Z


​Bespoke in-house courses can be developed on request.

For a quotation, please contact Kim Larkin with details of your request

Open Training events



Exempt Accommodation - Deciding the Eligible Rent and  Service and Support Charges Accommodation - 1.5 day on-line course

Treatment of Earned Income for Housing Benefit- 1.5 day on-line course

Housing Benefit Overpayments

Dates to be announced soon



The HB Subsidy Claim and Audit Requirements - 1.5 day on-line course


The current round of Subsidy courses is now complete. 

New dates for the next round of courses will be announced in November 23.


To ask any questions about training course offered by LA Directories Ltd, please contact





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