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In 2005, Linda Davis developed the blueprint for The Benefits Directory, a knowledge management solution for Housing and Council Tax Benefit, and as a consequence LA Directories Ltd was born! Linda Davis has since moved on from LA Directories Ltd but has left behind a product that is being used successfully by many local authority benefit departments.


The Benefits Directory has been written by professionals, each with over 25 years experience in the benefits industry, whose knowledge and experience continues to grow with The Benefits Directory.


LA Directories Ltd has also built a strong reputation for training and consultancy delivered to both members of The Benefits Directory and non-members.


The Benefits Directory has since transformed into a product for Housing Benefit, Universal Credit, Council Tax Reduction and Discretionary Housing Payment to reflect the reform of the welfare benefit system.



Kim became the new owner and Managing Director of LA Directories Ltd in July 2016, having been in a  leading role in the development of The Benefits Directory since February 2007. Kim started her career in Housing Benefits in 1989, initially working for a London Borough in various practitioner and supervisory roles. In 2001 Kim joined the private sector to become Lead Designer and Business Analyst for a proprietary Benefits System before moving to LA Directories Ltd. Kim has acquired an in-depth knowledge of statutory requirements and how to interpret them; she has written and delivered hundreds of training courses, implemented council tax reduction for a large unitary authority and written the council tax reduction legal scheme document for a number of local authorities. 


Peter is a consummate sales and marketing professional with many years of experience selling products and services to large private and public sector organisations. As Accounts and Marketing Manager for LA Directories Ltd , Peter has quickly assimilated into the world of local government. Peter's experience has enabled LA Directories Ltd to improve its support to existing members of The Benefits Directory, review its new business processes and consider innovative marketing collateral ideas. 


Christine worked at Rolls-Royce Ltd for 33 years as a Systems Administrator before joining LA Directories Ltd as Product Administrator in 2008. Christine updates The Benefits Directory with content written by our benefit professionals, keeps a watchful eye on new and amended legislation and DWP publications. 


Sue Beasor is an experienced associate who delivers benefits training on a variety of topics for local authority benefits services and social landlords.  She has also provided specialist consultancy to help benefits services with service improvement and with managing the implementation of legislation and organisational changes. Sue is regularly involved in keeping The Benefits Directory up to date and has written the Universal Credit section. She has worked in benefits for over 30 years and has worked at a senior level in a number of local authorities

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